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Hypey Halloween!!!

Aloha everyone. I know it’s probably November already for some of you but here in Hawaii, it’s still Halloween 🙂 For those of you that already attended, The Hype and Hype 5-0 was involved in this year’s haunted house called The House of Madness. If you got scared… ^_^ that means we did our job. […]


Hype 5-0 Reel now on Hype50tv

Hey guys! We got the tweets and so we’ve put together some old and new things to keep you guys updated with Hype 5-0 and how we’re doing. Just recently we did a little shopping for goodies and got ourselves a camera and wanted to test it out. We’ll be putting together a gallery with […]



Hey everyone! Our official Youtube channel is here. Hype50TV! Here’s a little teaser for our first official music video. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe! Special Mahalo to Kai Media for doing the shoot for us. Check them out on Facebook or subscribe to their channel.