Will X Bell | “Bayou” by Keri Hilson

14 year old Bell has been dancing here at Hypersquad for just a short amount of time but we saw potential in her from the start. Here is a clip of a routine Will Soares choreographed. Hope you like it.

Hazmat X Sienna | “Welcome to my Hood” by DJ Khaled

Here is ANOTHER video choreographed by Hazmat and performed with 10 year old Junior Hype member Sienna Lalau! She has been dancing at Hypersquad Dance Co. for 5 years now taking every class she can. Be on the look out for Sienna and the rest of her crew in the future. JUNIOR HYPE!

A message from Josh…

First off it is SO GREAT to see that some people who didnt make it into The Hype OR didnt necessarily make it on the team they were HOPING to get into, are still taking classes and practicing. Remember and never forget why you started dancing in the first place. Know that if you didnt make it into the Hype you wanted, or didnt make it at all, the only place left to go is up. If you disagree with the decisions that were made, let your dancing speak for itself. People make mistakes and maybe I didnt see what was in front of me. prove me wrong and I will admit to my fault and be MORE THAN HAPPY to fix it. I do understand that it sucks not always getting what you feel you deserve, trust me, I’ve been there … TONS of times. But because you didnt make it onto the team does not mean you arent good enough. Every person that showed up at the auditions has the potential to do SOMETHING with dance so dont let the decision discourage you. The hardest part about being a director is being looked at as the bad guy. It kills me to see people making comments about not wanting to dance anymore or that they are upset about the decisions. See through the difficult moments knowing that a greater good is always being served and appreciate what god has given you. Dance for the right reasons.


Hazmat x Shasha | “Look at me Now” by Chris Brown

Heres a little clip of JUST ONE of our talented Junior Hype members. 13 year old Shasha Medrano has been dancing at Hypersquad Dance Co. since she was VERY young. It is amazing to see what she has grown into because of the amazing staff at Hypersquad. She is finally choreographing and decided to collaborate and film her first piece with me, Hazmat! Hope you like it!

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Welcome to THE HYPE!

FIRST official practice Sunday August 28, 2011 4pm Sharp!
Jasper Agudo*
Brittnie Aguilar
Joshua Auld*
Blaise Baldonado
Roxanne Banting
Joshua Bautista*
Lawrence Bennett
Jojo Cabucana
Carwin Cambre
Dani Carrillo
Dixie Castillo
Bronson Chinen
Jennifer Choi
Kawehi Delmar
Marc Duey
Melvin Duldulao
Kiersten Havelock
Jonathon Inigo
Casey Kalahiki
Henry Languit
Chase Lihilihi
Kyle Lovan
Curtis Magaoay*
Kristin Medina
Kathleen Medrano
Ian Navasca
Josue-Pedro Orpilla
Gabriella Pascua
Allen Pascual
Gustavo Polanco
Jonathan Ramones
Crisanto Redoble
Kim Roberts
Brandon Ron
John Ruiz 🙂
Shantel Shimabuku
William Gerald Soares III
Dezz Soliven
Matthew Sunajo
Cierra Tagura
Jewelz Tahara*
Ian Tapu
Jansen Ucol
Daniel Valera*
Dustin Villanueva

Teen Hype:
Monday 5-6pm
Aleya Abeshima
Ashleigh Ambrocio
Jordan Bell
Absidy Barsatan
Tristyn Toribio
Rachel Gloria
Rebecca Gorospe
Ciera Lihilihi
Christian Caddali
Audrey My Booty
Shasha Medrano
Shaz Tomas-Ignacio
Taylor Toribio
Kayla Viloria
Taz Willis
Travis the Terror
James Royston
Angelo King
Andrea Lagpacan
Chelle Anne Morre
Leigh Taylor Tsubota
Nalani Kaku
Janiene Scovell

Junior Hype:
Friday 6-7pm
Skylenn Balais
Cheyenne Bautista
Lauren Caday
Jeiley Lalau
Kyra Donahoo
Ashley Ebia
Jordan Inouye
Shanadine Concepcion
Sienna Lalau
Ann Ragasa
Alexander Rambaud
Zashalei Manibog
Haley Nakamura
Arel Ragasa
Danielle Sarajina
Cierra Slade
Caitlin Ebia
Porsha Tupinio
Alexis Valiente

Keiki Hype:
Monday 4-5pm
Siane Alsadon
Jada Dumawal
Julian Hott
Leeden Raquel
Bryson Rualo
Justice Parubrub
Jasteen Baldonado
Cierra Sabado
Lauren Ebia
Courtney Rivera
Michele Bonifacio
Gabriella Menez
Chloe Galinato