Taken from mtv.com.

Allen-Charles Pascual – @ACPascual
Brittnie Aguilar – @Brittazzle
KC-Kay Kalahiki – @KCKay50
Jonathan Ramones – @JonRamonesHype
Joshua Ulep – @HazmatHype
Marc Duey – @DueyNutz
William Soares III – @WillardSoares

Driven to prove that Hawaii has a thriving hip-hop community, Hype 5-0 is out to show there’s more to Hawaii than swaying grass skirts and coconut bras. With limited funds for travel, Hype 5-0 has honed their skills by spending countless hours on the Internet studying crews from the mainland. Now after conquering the island dance scene with imported moves, this hard-hitting hip-hop choreo crew is ready to export themselves to the mainland and take America’s Best Dance Crew by storm. This crew is so passionate about dance that when once knocked for having “baby faces,” they immediately gave themselves a complete makeover, adopting an edgier style by getting tattoos, face piercings and hair dye. The crew has proved they will do whatever it takes to gain an edge. They have immense Hawaiian pride and incorporate native dance moves in all of their routines.

This passion for dance has also led to several sacrifices including giving up college scholarships and missing high school graduation. At the age of 16, crew member Will left home when his family relocated so that he could remain with Hype 5-0. Living with friends and rekindling a relationship with his estranged mother, Will made a huge life-changing decision for the love for his crew.

Relishing the fact that they’re often underestimated and overlooked, Hype 5-0 is ready roll through the America’s Best Dance Crew competitors like an unstoppable lava flow.