ABDC Season 5 Wrap Party

[Casey] Season 5 came to an end…but we still had one more thing planned before we all were headed our separate ways…the WRAP PARTAYYYY!! HEYYYY!! We drove from Stage 15 to the Warner Brother Movie Back Lot to be escorted to the RED CARPET! We walked down the red carpet being bombarded with photos and interviews…feeling like CELEBRITIES! I’m not gonna lie…it was AWESOME! Once we got past the press we went straight to the “Make it yourself” Taco Bar!! Yum!! From there we picked up some “seasoned fries”, chow mein, grilled cheese, mini donuts, and drinks and devoured the “ono grindz”. Then it was time to hit the dance floor! With the rest of the Season 5 crews and staff, including Omarion, Lil Mama, and JC we danced our final ABDC dances together! :))) It was a night of pure fun!! No one had any worries of “are we in the bottom?”, “what will the judges think?”, or “who’s going home?” It was SEASONED FRIES all night long!!!! I miss everyone!!!!

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