Realm of Fate

So as you all know, Hypersquad Dance Co. Has been preparing for the Realm of Fate show that we kept promoting. It was definitely a GREAT learning experience for KcKay and I (Hazmat). For those of you who DONT know, my older brother Newkon handed me the studio after we got off the show so that he could move to LA to pursue his OTHER dream of being a designer. That being said, This was the FIRST show that KcKay and I put together ourselves. Not only did we learn A LOT but we also got to see what being a director was all about. I can definitely say that I now appreciate everything Newkon has done the last 14 years Hypersquad has been open. It is … hard … work! haha. Anyways, you probably dont want to read all of this stuff so if you missed it, here is a Recap video done by JayAye Photography

Shout outs to ACADEMY OF VILLAINS OWN Nika Clark, Krystal Meraz (Former L0st Kid), Pharside (Supreme Soul), Fanny Paks Glenda Morales, ACADEMY OF PHRESHs leader Smart Mark (Phresh Select), Static Noyze and The Hypes newest member Goose and The ANGRY LOCALS!

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