Hazmat meets Colorado

[Hazmat] After World of Dance LA, I decided to take a mini vaca and spend some time with my Hype 303 family in Colorado! Ive never been there before so I was pretty excited. I got to see some old friends and even made some new ones! The people there are just so amazing. The community in Colorado reminded me a lot of the Hawaiian community. The Hype 303 family REALLY took care of me and made sure I had an amazing 5 days there. They kept me busy and made sure I was always doing something and experiencing something new. I also got to teach a workshop with my homie Sean Murley of Hype 303 at the Break EFX community class (video will be up later) … you know what that means? I GOT TO SEE BREAK EFX! Its been over a year that I have seen them and for some strange reason it was really exciting for me! Hype 5-0 and Break EFX really hit it off when we first met, it was like love at first sight (Chris Martain is so handsome <3 ). Speaking of Break EFX, shout out to the homie Killa Cam for the NEW Break EFX shirts! Unfortunately my vacation came to an end BUT here is a little video of just ONE day of Hazmat in Colorado! Thanks 303! Make sure you Subscribe to their YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/TheHype303

PS: Good luck and KILL IT at Verve 303!

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