Fusion XII

[Ramones] Being all the way from Hawaii it’s rare that we get to attend an event that is the epitomy of the SoCal dance community. So it was nice to sit back and enjoy the competing and exhibiting performances. Most of the teams I had never seen live so it was a real treat to be able to feel the energy that the performers were giving off, it is something that can only be experienced first hand and cannot be explained.

All the teams and companies that performed that night we’re amazing in their own sense, you could tell that each team had put a lot of thought into their pieces, and some of the teams incorporated a theme or a hidden message, which I loved!

Of all the teams that competed that night it was ChoreoCookies that took first with their 1920’s Flapper piece that also took 1st at The Bridge competition late last year and at VIBE XVI earlier this year. In second was GRV who added a surprise ending to their WOD:LA ’11 piece, closing their piece to a violin rendition of “Toxic” by Britney Spears, the simplicity and musicality of their closing set kept me mesmerized the enitire time. In third was SuperGalacticBeatManipulators (SGBM) who put out a strong clean set, of all the competing teams it was really hard to tell who was gonna take it this year, with each team just as strong as the next the SoCal dance community is in abundance with talented and spirited dancers.

Special Mention goes out to Showcasing team Entity, Barkada Modern, and Sexy Boy Special (Just because they did a hawaiian themed number haha)