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[Allen] Aloha! So we’ve been in the creativeworks to get more eye stimulation out to everyone. Here’s a mini piece that me and Cierra Tagura of The Hype worked on. The intention of this is to always remind yourself that we’re all lucky and living the good life. Yes, there are a few times where it seems that it’s just not going your way… but everything usualy ends up falling into place at the end.

Here’s the video on Hype50TV. If you dig it, then Favorite, Like, Subscribe, Comment, Rate… any combination of those, or all of them. 🙂 Enjoy.

I received a message on facebook with these words…

“… I just wanted to let you know that I really admire your optimistic point of view on things and I wish I could have such a positive attitude about everything… it’s just hard to stay positive when things aren’t going your way…”

It’s really something when you can reach out to other people. It shows that you’re doing something right and I wanted to make sure that I live up to what Hype 5-0 has been saying all season long, BELIEVE. Also, you’d figure that it’s easier to reach out when you have one on one contact with people… well, this person isn’t from Hawaii and I’m glad that I could convey my message over this simple thing we call the internet.

Oh yeah, you can see more at Cici‘s channel. What do you guys want to see on my channel? Lmk.

Mahalo to JayAye Photography for putting in work. Check out his link on the side bar.

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