Hypeotics Eat and Greet @ Yogurtland Alhambra

The first stop on our tour was an Eat and Greet with Poreotics in Alhambra California. This Eat and Greet was probably the most intense greeting from anywhere we’ve visited! The streets were swarmed with fans of Hype and Poreotics from 2 pm till about 9 pm! We had fans from all over California that brought us TONS of goodies and presents like posters, personalized cupcakes, plush figurines, bags, stickers, disney stuff, etc! The store got SO crowded that they eventually started making a limit to how many people could come in at a time which left more people outside. Then the STREETS got so crowded that the Fire Department and the Police showed up with K9!! They threatened to shut the Eat and Greet down because everything was getting to crazy. All in all we had a GREAT time and would definitely like to do it again some time! Big MAHALO to everyone that came out to the Eat and Greet \m/

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