Meet FiveOh

While staying at Newkons house in California, we made a group decision that he needed a pet 🙂 so one day we we went to Reptiles Unlimited in Long Beach. We chose Reptiles Unlimited because they sell a lot of pets that are not legal in Hawaii. We spent quite a while in the store looking for the “perfect pet” until FINALLY we came to a decision. We saw a tiny little Albino Corn Snake! It was like love at first sight. Newkon named him FiveOh after US!!! Although he is small at the moment he will grow up to 4 feet in a matter of 2 years! Below is a picture of FiveOh and if you ever visit Newkon tell him we said Hello!

Also check out this short clip we made of Brittnie who didnt like FiveOh too much :/ PLEASE dont forget to visit our youtube page and not ONLY comment but SUBSCRIBE as well! Mahalo!

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