Hazmat back from Florida

[Josh] Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to teach at U4RIA Studios in Coral Springs, Florida. They actually hit me up about flying me out before Hype 5-0 even made it on ABDC so it was definitely a cool thing for me personally to see that it wasn’t just the show that got me the job!

My class was filled with a lot of hungry dancers of all ages who sent me such positive vibes. I could see that they all took classes because they LOVED to dance, and not because its just a daily routine for them.

During my stay, I got to meet A LOT of friendly new dancers, from street dancers to class takers and they all were VERY welcoming. It was nice to experience a different dance community and see how things are done in South Florida. Thank you Adri and Jaidi of U4RIA for Flying me out and letting me share my love for dance with your community!

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