United 2010 at Pu’u Kahea

[Allen] Hype 5-0 guest judged a small competition this past Wednesday for Grace Bible’s “United 2010” camp. What was really interesting when we pulled up was that we could see ABDC style banners hanging in a tent. Their camp was basically ABDC themed. They had logo’s and everything!

There were eight crews that had 24 hours to prepare a mini routine kinda like the Hip Hop Nation Challenge. They used the same songs and had to fit in different styles and make it their own. Makes me kind of wish when I had this whenever I had camps and stuff. 🙂 We all got to judge a crew and I think Duey took the cake because he’s just crazy like that. He decided to sing/rap/chant everytime he got the mic. But everyone loved it. ^_^

Events like this are what makes people believe and I’m glad that we got to be a part of this. It’s like a cycle with us, these youths inspire us to keep dancing, and on the same token, by taking part in their lives, no matter how simple, we inspire them to continue doing what they love.

Thanks to all of our friends at Grace Bible Church for having us. Alojerz.

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