Hype 5-0 Journey and Send Off

Aloha! We’ve added a few more video’s to our Hype50tv Channel. These video’s were created for our concert that we had this past February. We received these videos about a week or so into the competition and once we watched it we were a bunch of cry babies. >_< Before every taping we wanted to remind ourselves of why we were still on the show, who we were doing the show for, and how everyone is so proud of us even making it this far... so we always had this dvd on hand. Hope you guys enjoy. First one up is "Destination ABDC". This is a shot out to the people that basically made our concert possible and for all the support that everyone’s been giving since day one.

Next is “Hype 5-0 Farewell”. Shots were mainly taken the morning that we left Hawaii on January 31, 2010. It was a very emotional morning and to arrive there and see all the support already starting was just comforting. Several members of The Hype showered us with lei, gifts, as well as letters that they wrote as words of comfort and wisdom. We kept these letters very close to us and read most of them while we were on our way to LA. Yes, some were very emotional letters and some were just to say good job and good luck. None the less, they all meant something, and they all kept us closer to those that were still here on the islands.

Mahalo to everyone again that took part of these productions. ^_^ \m/

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  1. cameron carson

    28 June 2010 at 9:27 am

    you are and allwas will be my faverit danec craw