Happy Father’s Day…

[Casey] Happy Father’s Day daddy! Thanks for everything!
Love you forever,
Your Honey Girl 🙂

[Josh] Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! I hope to some day have children of my own and be as good a dad as mine was to me. I love You Pops!

PS: I’m glad you were to old for the studded belts… That would’ve hurt.

[Britt] Hi Dad! Thanks for always being funny and letting me film you while you dance in the living room & thank you for always washing my car too 🙂 Have a happy Father’s Dad daddy!

[Jon] Happy Father’s Day Dad! Love ya!

[Allen] Naragsak a Aldaw ti Ama tatay! Hope you enjoyed your dinner! Thank you for everything… As cliche as that sounds… I mean it. EVERYTHING that you’ve done wouldn’t have let me be this person that I am today. Thanks for brining me up and raising me to the man that I am now. One day, I’m hoping to be an example to my kids and teach them about my up-brining. Love You.

[Duey] Happy Father’s Day! Cheehoooo! Thank you dad for always buying me cool stuff like Super Nintendo and that one time I wanted a Sega Saturn but we took it home and it didn’t work so we went back to WalMart and exchanged it for a Nintendo 64. I don’t know where it is anymore but thank you for buying it for me! And sorry about that one night I threw a tantrum because I wanted to go to Alpha Video to rent a game for my N64 then I wanted to start the car but I put it in gear not knowing the car moves on its own when you do that so you and mom got mad at me so we ended up not going. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks dad for everything you’ve done and sacrificed for our family! I love you!

Marc DueyNUTZ

[Will] I guess the best way to start out with is Happy Fathers Day Dad! I wanna thank you for all the good times that I was fortunate enough to have because I have a father who’s love knows no limit. You have always tried to give me everything that I ever asked for even if it meant sacrificing other more important matters just so I could have things my way. I also want to thank you for all the rough times we had because those are the times that helped me grow. it was through our hardships that were the building blocks that make me who I am today. I know I’m stubborn, I get that from you 🙂 but I hope that I have shown you that you raised your son to be as strong as he could possibly be. It was you leading by example that showed me how to stand on my own two feet and be independent. I love who I am today, so thank you for that. I love you Dad!

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