[Will] I recently decided that I wanted a new addition to my piercings but I had too much on my face already, So I decided to get a microdermal piercing at “Liquid Metal Tattoo and Piercing” from Sandy King. Sandy is who I go to for my piercings. She’s great and really makes the whole experience fun.

At first I was hesitant on getting it, but some of the Hype was there telling me to get it. Plus, Casey and Josh threatened me 🙁 haha just kidding, they’re just really persuasive. The actual piercing process sounds much worse than it actually was. You basically get a little chunk of skin taken out of you with this little hole puncher thing and then they stick the piercing in the hole that they created. The intresting thing about micro dermal piercings is that like any other piercing it has a top (mine is a daimond) and a bar, but since its a “surface piercing” it has a little hoop that your skin eventually grows through and thats what holds it in place. It sounds scary but i promise it wasnt that bad.

I’m very happy with my new piercing and I think this is my last one. Then again, I remember when my lip ring was supposed to be my first and last piercing and now I have 7. Thank you Sandy for my new piercing and to all of the Hype who were there to be my support team!

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