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The Movement Workshops

Movment workshops were AWESOMEEEE!! I was sooo nervous for my first workshop ever! I told myself there was only going to be 5 people in class, so I wouldn’t be disappointed 😛 BUT, there was so many dancers that came out to support me, Josh, and Poreotics. All 5 workshops were so good!! From ghetto, […]


Hazmat back from Florida

[Josh] Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to teach at U4RIA Studios in Coral Springs, Florida. They actually hit me up about flying me out before Hype 5-0 even made it on ABDC so it was definitely a cool thing for me personally to see that it wasn’t just the show that got me […]


Glenda and Arnel Workshops at Hypersquad

In the past few weeks we have had the honor of hosting our friends, and amazing dancers and choreographers, Glenda Morales of Fanny Pak and Arnel Calvario of Kaba Modern workshops at HyperSquad Dance Company. Both workshops were amazing, full of talent and passion, just want our dancers needed 🙂 And of course we couldn’t […]